SwedenPhaceOff Major

We’re taking over Sweden, Uppsala with

SEK 29000 ≈ 2900 € in prize pool on the following games:

Smash ultimate, 10,000 SEK, ≈ 1000 €

Street fighter V, 7000 SEK, ≈ 700 €

Tekken 7, 7000SEK, ≈ 700 €

Dragonball fighterz, 2500SEK ≈ 250 €

Guilty gear, 2500kr, ≈ 250 €

Address, IFU Arena, Råbyvägen 77, 754 26 Uppsala


Sleepover is free! – Don’t forget to bring your own sleepingbag Date 1-2 June SwedenPhaceOff (Major): Uppsala Birdie, the tournament for those who love fighting games.

This is the first Major console tournament we are hosting. And it is made with noone the less, Sweden’s oldest LAN Birdie. Come and show your skills on your favorite games in the best possible enviroment together with a huge FGC community and a LAN computer community.

You will be surrounded by restaurants and a kiosk. Around a 10 minute walk to the shoppingmall and about 15 minute walk to get to Gränby City there is Max, Subway, McDonald´s and Chop Chop.

Join us by participating and support Sweden’s most growing FGC event creator Konsolsport to grow even bigger for more huge tournaments.


Tickets can be bought at !